iTech Systemz is a fast emerging as prominent IT company based in Lahore, Pakistan. iTech Systemz provides diversified information and services to their clients.

We are growing and strongly consolidating our services in Website Development & Design, ERP Solutions and Network Management.

People is our only real asset. Those that we serve, those we serve with and, above all, those that we serve for. With special gratitude to our clients for their continued support in good and bad markets.



Our development policies are aimed at optimizing quality and controlling costs, while making sure you get the results you expect. This level of quality will be motivated and skilled staff, well-defined work procedures, intensive reviews and testing activities.


  • Nearly, iTech Systemz will be able to provide the technology of thumb detector.
  • Launching nearly the Car Tracking System to helps and solve your various problems.
  • Now, working on Mobile Technology.


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