A strength of about more than 10 in-house developers working on projects. Also additional developers and human resources are available, working with us as a free lancer according to the project's requirement. Working from last 3-years in this industry to facilitate our clients and have a great track record and references in this industry.

Always focus on the delivery of project on-time, complete and always try to provide a high quality and competitive solutions. Have a passion for quality and self improvement.

  • ERP Solutions
  • Website Development and Maintenance
  • 3D-Modeling
  • Microsoft, Java, PHP technologies
  • Remote Support Services
  • Knowledge and document management
  • SEO
  • Data entry

Systems designs and develops different applications and powerful database solutions for the easyness of their cutomers .

Having an experience of architecting and implementing powerful and efficient database solutions at low cost to facilitates their clients.
Application Development:
Having already developed systems like card selling and accounts for payphone companies, General Inventory control system,

Development Tools
  • ASP, Visual Basic, C Sharp (Visual Studio)
  • Power Builder
  • JSP, Servlets (JAVA)
  •,, C Sharp (Visual Studio.Net)
  • Cold Fusion
  • PHP
Databases Tools
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • MS Access
Modeling tools
  • Rational Rose
  • Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft Visio
  • Erwin



A document, that helps for the better understanding of the client and for the developers.

We provide a complete document and also a visual demonstration of the project to our client that helps for better understanding and communication along with the client. It helps to create, manage, deliver and archive their business information.

  • Access to an experienced team. It is not necessary to recruit new talent, train them and bring them up to speed on your project, therefore the lead-time to starting the project is reduced.

  • Access to technological expertise. Technology is moving at lightening speed. We always ready to acquire the skills necessary to service the ongoing advances in technology.

  • Reduce HR costs. Hiring new staff for a short-term project is very costly, particularly if there are no subsequent projects that require their services. When outsourcing, HR costs are limited to the project duration.

  • Control Project Costs. The product specifications, conditions, and deliverables should be agreed upon in the project contract.

  • Improve efficiency of in-house staff allocation. Scheduling of our resources is more efficient since in-house personnel can be assigned to current, critical, or ongoing projects. Finding time for a new project can be difficult when current in-house resources are being utilized to their maximum capabilities.

  • Timely Project implementation and completion. A well-defined and planned project should be delivered within the timeline set out in the project documentation provided by the software developer.
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