iTech Systemz have a highly qualified and experienced teams for the web development service. iTech Systemz provides lots of services in the web development. Such as:

  • Strategic planning
  • Market research
  • Analysis of the exixting websites
  • Graphics design
  • 3D-Modeling and Animation
  • Web Page Design and Coding
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Online marketing and selling of products using Paypal or verisign service
  • E-Commerce
  • A Complete E-mail management
  • Application Deployment
  • Custom Programming
  • Database Development


Project Management

iTech Systemz has experienced project managers to lead projects undertaken by our ERP Solutions team. Project managers follow a project framework developed and maintained by the companys Consulting and Integration Services Division.

Business Process Re-design Services

During implementation, iTech Systemz ERP consultants are often employed to lead clients through a business process re-design exercise in an effort to maximize the operational efficiencies inherent in ERP products.

Product Upgrade Services

iTech Systemz proven approach and upgrade experience will ensure a successful upgrade while decreasing business risk. iTech Systemz flexible upgrade approach enables organizations to choose their level of involvement based on their unique needs and requirements.


Throughout the years, the iTech Systemz team of ERP consultants has gained extensive implementation and support experience, specifically with the Sales, Purchase, Accounts, Inventory and many more Applications. iTech Systemz have been involved in all phases of ERP projects from Needs Analysis through Implementation to ongoing Systems and Business Support. Throughout these projects this team has been able to work with clients to develop an integrated business process and system solutions that take advantage of best practices and the advanced features and capabilities of an ERP Solution.


3D Modeling Services that we render available come within the wide range of web development techniques intended for best performance and pleasing look of your web site design project. 3D modeling is applicable where it is necessary to convey your company original image and boost any advertising campaign through vivacious and smart graphics solutions. Nearly all directions of web site design and web development may be enhanced with modern high tech 3D elements, Logo design especially.

Our design team represents an autonomous unit focusing on Web site design, 3D Modeling Services, Graphics and industrial design.

  • 3D modeling of various objects based on any information such as drawings, sketches, design concepts, or special requirements of customers.
  • 3D modeling services for e-commerce, remote education, internet-advertising.
  • 3D modeling services for concept design, industrial design, architecture, interiors, furniture, etc.


  • Legacy network upgrade
  • Network migrations to an Internet Protocol (IP) environment
  • Internet access and optimization with IP VPNs
  • Performance-enhancing remote access solutions
  • Robust security monitoring and risk management services


A large available pool of skilled IT professionals ensures wider choice and flexibility in selection and hiring.
  • Reduced spending due to lower billing rate of offshore contract staff.
  • Increased work hours due to time difference between United States and Asia, thereby stretching workday towards 24 hours a day work cycle.
  • Only hire personnel with skills that are missing in-house.
  • User-friendly, providing a secure environment for task management, communication and collaboration with offshore contract staff.


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